Lithuania: "every support" for German soldiers

Rukla, Lithuania, 27 January 2017

Lieutenant-Colonel Christoph Huber has reported to the Iron Wolf brigade of the Lithuanian armed forces shortly after the arrival of his 17‑strong advance party. The first Belgian soldiers have also arrived.

Under enhanced Forward Presence, the German-led battlegroup will be assigned to Lithuania’s Iron Wolf brigade. A mechanised infantry brigade, Iron Wolf comprises six battalions and is similar in structure to a German brigade.

Communication established

Among those present for the initial meeting was Brigadier-General Valdemaras Rupšys, Commander of Lithuania’s ground forces. Huber, as the representative of the whole multinational battlegroup, was given assurances that “every support” would be forthcoming from the Lithuanians. Bild vergrößern  

Belgians also already present

The first members of the Belgian armed forces have also been in Rukla since 25 January. They will provide primarily logistic support to the battlegroup as it continues to grow. The eight soldiers lost little time in getting to work – shoulder to shoulder with their German counterparts.

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